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First & 10s

Sep 19, 2019

(S2,E10) Jasmine & Amy start the show with a shocking revelation regarding feet - specifically Jasmine’s.  In NFL News, Tom Brady isn’t tolerating sweaty butts, and Antonio Brown continues to stay at the top of the drama game.  The s-talking continues in the ladies league, as we enter week 3 with confusion among the ladies as to what projected numbers to actually believe regarding their players.  Offsides has us giving you a Patriot that you can actually love, why Gronk’s girlfriend won’t marry him, a brilliantly altered team logo, and OBJ’s top 10 traveling must-haves.  WTF is every reporter’s nightmare, LeVeon’s baby mama is switching allegiances in Bitch Please!, and the Panthers fans get the Above Ground Pool Award.  Hells Yeah! gives us our faith back in humanity.