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First & 10s

Sep 17, 2019

(S2,E9) Texas Rangers Hall of Famer Michael Young joins Jasmine & Amy as guest host for this episode. The story of their first encounter with Michael might go down in the record books for most awkward introduction ever. What Dak is worth starts off the NFL News segment, followed by an update on Antonio Brown and the latest, most ridiculous story that has surfaced in the last 24 hours. Quarterbacks are dropping like flies, which leads us to wonder when it’s time for an athlete to retire. We find out what kind of fantasy football player Michael is, who his players are, and give an update on the current standings of the ladies league. Michael weighs in on the latest legislature in California regarding athlete endorsements, and we can’t talk college football without the latest stories involving Nick Saban and Bama and it just may make Saban more universally likable.