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First & 10s

Jun 26, 2019

(S1,E43) In the offseason of their fantasy football league, Jasmine Sadry & Amy Voss talk football, sports and life.  This week’s episode continues the Fantasy Faves Series with DEFENSE!  In NFL news, we’ve got hot sports takes on Brett Favre’s weigh in on the Packers, OBJ being a brat..again, and Tom Brady making Josh Gordon his 'foster' teammate.  Offsides is showered in jewels as the ladies give their opinions on Baker Mayfield paying off his bet to Saquon Barkley, Sean McVay putting a Buick on his girlfriends finger, and LeVeon Bell trying to explain to a 911 operator what exactly his thieving girlfriends looked like.  Doris Burke makes a guest appearance in our Bitch Please, and we are looking the part for our Hells Yeah!