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First & 10s

Aug 1, 2019

(S1,E53)  In this episode of the First & 10s, Jasmine Sadry & Amy Voss continue the “Meet The League” series and introduce Stacy, the most normal, beautiful Eagles fan you will ever meet.  NFL News has us dishing on major Zeke & Dallas Cowboys drama, Michael Thomas becomes the highest paid wide receiver in the league - but can you trust him on your fantasy roster? Players try to one-up each other as they show up for training camp, and will Todd Gurley be as lucrative for your fantasy league this season?  Louis Vuitton has us drooling over Drew Brees’ football cleats, and the Brits are taking popsicles and a heat wave to a whole other level. We’ve got THOTS still at large with LeVeon’s jewelry, and law breaking citizens in Indiana pay their fines by saving rescue animals, thanks to the police department’s genius idea that should be implemented everywhere.