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First & 10s

Sep 24, 2019

(S2,E11) Jasmine and Amy start off this episode with a promise that this is the last time they plan to discuss Antonio Brown and the drama that surrounds him…we’ll see how long that lasts.  Jasmine is high on Dak fever, while the rest of the league is taking in some tough blows to their rosters, except our resident Bills Mafia girl, who is shouting from the rooftops about her team, and her team.  Eagles fans are making the news this week both in their true form as misfit fans, and shockingly good samaritans - neither being able to escape their recent loss.  In college football, we’ve got a former quarterback trying to break his hand to stay in the game, and a current quarterback blaming their loss on Justin Bieber.  It’s always the Biebs fault…