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First & 10s

Jun 13, 2019

(S1,E41) In the offseason of their fantasy football league, Jasmine Sadry and Amy Voss talk football, sports and life.  This week’s episode continues their “Fantasy Faves” series with their favorite picks for the FLEX position on their fantasy football roster.  In NFL news, Carson Wentz has a new contract, which leads to some hot sports opinions about what will now happen with Dak Prescott.  The hot sports takes continue with more OBJ drama, and whether or not Kyler Murray knows the Cardinals offense better than his teammates, including Larry Fitzgerald.  In Offsides, the XFL is looking at John Manziel, potential reasons why LeVeon is getting his bling stolen, and Russell Wilson is shopping a non-ratchery reality show.  Jasmine has her first ever golf lesson with Amy’s coach and former coach of Jordan Spieth, Joey Anders.  The ladies hold Joey hostage and interview him about the upcoming PGA US Open and the odds of either of them competing on tour.