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First & 10s

Aug 15, 2019

(S1,E57) In this episode of the First & 10s, Jasmine Sadry & Amy Voss bring you the final 3 league members of their all female fantasy football team - with newbie Jill, and veterans Kerri & Velma (the villain from last season - see 'GurleyGate') joining the show today, props included!  We continue with ‘Zakamari’ updates in NFL News, the new partnership between Jay-Z’s RocNation and the NFL., and opinions on the latest Hard Knocks episode.  PSA of the day is to never invite both your baby mamas to a preaseason game - we're looking at you Le'Veon Bell.  Adam Gase takes us to a whole other level of OCD, and A-Rod makes us wonder if there is such a thing as having too much money.  Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi takes the Hells Yeah today with his terrific story of doing whatever it takes to get where you want to be.