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First & 10s

Aug 8, 2019

(S1,E55) On this episode of First & 10s, Jasmine Sadry & Amy Voss continue to introduce you to the ladies of their league, newbie Jenae & defending Champion Marci, complete with her crown, sash and championship ring.  In NFL News, it’s Dak, Zeke & Amari updates, Antonio Brown’s gross feet, Melvin Gordon wanting to be traded, and hot opinions on the first episode of Hard Knocks with the Raiders.  Offsides has us questioning the truth behind Cole Beasley’s love of Buffalo, and Jasmine throws down some serious mascot knowledge when the fate of her beloved Philly Phanatic is put into question.  In WTF, Marshawn Lynch should probably not be heading up kid’s camps with his foul mouth.  We’ve got a double Hells Yeah with kids, football players, and dogs.