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First & 10s

Nov 27, 2019

(S2,E29)  Jasmine goes into an Amy-like fit of rage when discussing the Cowboys/Patriots game. The Steelers have a new quarterback, it isn’t Kaepernick, but he’s got a new Nike shoe coming out & we’re not sure it’s a good idea for his football future.  Sean Payton is proposing a committee for pass interference calls and we’re on board.  In Offsides, we have the results of our first Sided debate, we discuss the impact of Tua’s injury on his future, and a professional soccer manager is asking his players to engage in sex with the least effort possible, preferably with their wives.  Our WTF story goes to a porn site wanting to stream your thanksgiving dinner. Bitch Please! goes to Michael Strahan’s greedy ex wife, and Hells Yeah! has us giving props to the 49ers.